Researching the benefits and limits of the clinical (objective) and the experience (subjective) to aid the semi-autobiographical short animation film about fear of commitment, inspired by Sylvia Plath’s ‘The Bell Jar’. Fear of commitment has shown to be a relevant subject amongst millennials through a previous research study. Since the clinical approach doesn’t feel adequate to the situation, the film and research paper explore the benefits of narrativization and symbolism to create a bridge to realisation and treatment. Using symbolism and metaphors to create an atmosphere in which self discovery through recognition can be achieved, while remaining open to empathy for whoever is not going through the same experience.

The primary metaphor is the serpent. The serpent has held many meanings as a symbol and a metaphor over time. Mostly the serpent is associated with both negative and positive (duality) even in Christianity, and it is the symbol of rebirth or renewal. Casting off its skin is metaphorical for releasing old ways of thinking and for purification. The serpent in the film lives up to all of these associations and will additionally express the connection the protagonist feels towards her love interest. This connection starts off lustful (positive) but turns oppressive when her interest is reciprocated.

The film shows two worlds: a conventional, colourful reality and a black and white edgy fantasy world which shows us the protagonist’s projections and mental state.





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